Friday, 23 April 2010


Since I didn't get the chance previously to show off my piece-de-resistance for this exchange (even though it is now officially finished), I thought I would make one more contribution to give myself some closure on this project.

The subject, created (if that is the right word) by Stephanie, is "Genesis", and although it may hold for her specifically religious meanings, for me it simply means the start or beginning of new life.

With that in mind I think about the cycle of life, a return to origins, and with a passing nod to the first book of the Christian and Jewish Bible, I take the simple apple as my source:

Eating my way through this apple I come, eventually, to the seeds which embody the potential of life renewed.

A Golden Delicious indeed!

I wish you all good fortune in your lives and to always find fresh and stimulating renewal.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The End

I'm sorry to say that, after numerous emails and a letter to Lorraine's home, I still haven't heard back from her. That means that David, Vivian and I have lost our books to Lorraine.

I would like to end the exchange on a positive note;
Lindsay's Moley is complete and back home with Lindsay. Hurray.
Brians Moley is complete and back with Brian.
Gesa has her book, and I think that only David hasn't worked on it. If I'm wrong, then hers is all complete too.

I had fantastic fun working in everyones books, and getting to see so much fantastic work.
To David & Vivian, I am so sorry that you've not had your books back. I will probably write again to Lorraine, there's no harm in trying I suppose, but otherwise I think we should draw a line under the project.

So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very arty New Year.

Steph Smith

Monday, 14 September 2009

Missing books

Hiya all.

I've emailed Lorraine today asking if she'd send all the books to me so that I can get them distributed asap.

When I contacted her in June she said she had Brian's, Gesa's, David's and Lindsay's Moleys ready to post, and she was going to send Gesa's onto me, and that she was going to ask later who to send mine onto.

But I didn't receive Gesa's, so I mailed her again in July, but then I have been away for most of the 7 weeks over summer so I haven't chased her up again until now.

I know Brian and Lindsay got theirs back from Lorraine soon after she replied in June. So we're still missing Gesa's and David's. I also sent Vivian's to Lorraine some time back, and Lorraine said she was going to send Viv's back to me.

So, as far as I can tell;

Lorraine has mine (Steph), Gesa's, David's, and Viv's, and her own (Lorraine's)
Casey has his own.
David has his own.
Linday has his own.

That's eight in all.

If I haven't heard from her in a week I'll send her a letter. I hope she's okay in herself, but I also hope she's able to get the books sent to me, if sending them individually isn't possible.

Here's hoping.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Are the moleys on their way back yet???

Could we have an update on where our moley's are and when we will get them? were they posted? 2nd June was a long time back when Lorraine was planning to post them on and post here with an update and photos .............

I haven't had mine :>( and I emailed Steph to see if it was with her (I think she has yet to work in it) and she hasn't received any either :>(

Where is my poor moley?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Panic over

Hiya Guys. Lorraine's just sent me this message today;

Hi Stephanie

I'm really sorry I've been out of the loop for so long. I've been having real broadband issues which now appear to be resolved and not being able to send personal emails at work hasn't helped.

The exhibition was a real success, so much so that the LRC wanted to extend the exhibition. Many staff and students from different courses expressed interest and appreciation of the sketchbooks. I will post their comments on the moley blog hopefully this evening. I have parceled up Brian's, Gesa's, Davids and Lindsay's moleys to be returned to them and Vivians is ready to be sent to you.These will be posted tomorrow and I'll ask who wants your moley next on the blog.

Again, I'm really sorry that I've been hard to get hold of.


So that's great to hear.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Where is everyone? Where are all the Moleys? Where's my Moley? Panic, sweating, pacing the living room floor, biting fingernails, and all that kinda stuff. Is there anyone out there? Love from Steph.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Where are we with the exchange?

Hi everyone

Did my book make it to Belfast for the exhibition? cos I haven't seen it yet and I'm looking forward to that.

If so when does the exhibition end? I've lost track, lost the plot ............

when will my moley come home?