Friday, 19 December 2008

Two New Mole's Arrived in Chicago

This is Lorraine's unique and wildly creative contribution to Gesa's Line book. Lorraine has attached mini dress patterns from festive ribbon hangers and sewn THE ACTUAL PAGES! This is a lovely and inspiring interpretation of the theme and I'm going to have some fancy thinking to come up with my own ideas.

And here is Brian's serene, beautifully textured contribution to Vivien's book. This peaceful, idyllic scene is entitled "Hell's Gate, East River,NY" It's hard to see all of his rich pastel strokes built up on the surface. Very rich addition!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Stretch Sketchbook Returns Home to New York

After its long trip abroad and to the Midwestern United States, my sketchbook has returned home. It's a little dog-eared and certainly more world-wise but otherwise in excellent form and filled with beautiful stories to tell from each of you.

The latest is Lindsay's addition - a fun, bold drawing in black and brown of the end of four pens (the writing end of two and the clicking end of the others). Lindsay's pens echo very nicely the vertical line work of Steph's trees on the preceding pages with her gorgeous fluttering leaves. The writing implements in close up seem a fitting conclusion for this book's journeys now that it has so much to tell. Thanks, Lindsay, for this lovely work and for the chocolates you sent along as well!

And thanks, each of you, for the wonderful work you've done in my book. It's truly a pleasure to see each drawing in person and an honor to have something from each of you here. The theme of my book was "Stretch" but I frankly feel I've stretched myself more in all of your sketchbooks than on my first drawings in my own. The book does have three or four empty pages left, though, so perhaps I'll bring it full circle and add a new entry myself.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Gesa's moley

Gesa's moley has gained a little weight, but it's ready to go.

Casey sent it to me but, neither Lindsey nor Brian have worked in it yet. So, before it goes to David, do either of you want it?