Friday, 30 January 2009

The locality gallery

It has been with me for a week or so, but with frantic work schedules and nasty bugs abound, it is only now that I'm getting round to posting this.

It's the local landscapes sketchbook of Vivien that is with me now. What a glorious series of snapshots it provides from the different places where we live. It is fairly complete now with Lindsay's entry being the most recent one.

She, again to great effect, has used the sketchbook as a virtual gallery to display beautifully some winter ink and wash scenes of one of her favourite local spots: Thatcher Pond.

Moley Exchange Lindsay entry in Vivien's book
Lindsay's addition to Vivien's Sketchbook
Thatcher Pond,
Ink, wash and paper

I had an idea since early on for this: A rolling clouds and rain sketch over Inveraray which I sketched in June. But, so much time has passed and I think I pass on some of my recent pond in winter time explorations.

I will then send it on to Lorraine who is the only one who hasn't worked in this.

Where are we with all other Moleys?

I know that I still need to work in Steph's - David, do you still have it? I would need it very soon since my work schedule is gathering far too much speed again from about 10 Feb onwards.

Maybe everyone can leave a comment as to which Moleys still need work by whom?

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Stretch Sketchbook Complete

As requested, I've put together a slideshow of the completed Stretch sketchbook after photographing everyone's additions this morning. The sketchbook in its entirety is excitingly diverse and vibrant - hopefully you enjoy this slideshow view of it. Thanks very much for all of your wonderful contributions!

Also, with a few blank pages left in it that seemed a shame to leave unworked, I've done an additonal set of small drawings for the book and have posted this above. It seemed fitting to close out my own book in this way and it gives me an opportunity to see if and how I might have "stretched" over the past months.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

At last, after months of nothing, I've put my piece in Lindsay's Maps & Destinations Moley. I knew what I wanted to do do as soon as I saw the other work in the book, concentrating on the 'destination' idea, with the road outside my house which links me to the rest of the world, and the bus stop I often draw figures at. There are no figures in this piece though.
As I'm the last one on the list to work in it, and as there's 4 blank pages left at the end, Lindsay can round it off. But she may have to wait as Lorraine may want it immediately for the exhibition she's arranged. Let me know where to post it & I'll get it sent straight away.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Lindsay's Work in Gesa 's Book

Here's a delightful contribution to Gesa's book by Lindsay. A repeated pen in silhouette dances over a flow of words about art and drawing that form lines - in keeping with the theme of Gesa's book. In a lovely splash of color, a red star makes an appearance on each page providing a decorative grace note to the composition. Wonderful work, Lindsay!

Gesa's book is the only one I haven't yet worked in so I'm looking forward to getting started. There are some remarkably creative entries in this book and it's a lot of fun to look at. Once I'm through, it looks like I'll be sending it off to David - all of the other members of our team have worked in Gesa's book already. David, I'll try to have it on it's way later this week.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year to Team Moleskine!

Just thought I would wish each of you on the Team a very good New Year full of more creativity and fabulous sketches to complete the last lap and drag ourselves over the finishing line!

If the Belfast gig is still on (23rd Feb) that gives us just seven weeks to pass around the remaining sketchbooks still out there and get them back to Lorraine in time for the Grand Opening and Party Nite at the University of Ulster at which I intend to put in a Guest Appearance. I might even wear the kilt and give you all a thrill! (Do you think I could sell tickets for the event? :o)

I know I still have incredible things yet to do in Steph's Genesis book (like sit on a cloud and declare "Let There Be Light Moleskines Cheaper For Posting!") and Gesa's Lines and Lineage (I've got a lot of ancesters asking to be included) but I don't know who else has to work in them also. Perhaps you could all chip in with a note of what each of you have still to do and perhaps we could organise ourselves and make sure everyone gets sufficient time, allowing for postage as well, to create their masterpieces.