Thursday, 30 October 2008

Close by Lindsay

Lorraine's sketchbook is a real treat from beginning to end with great work by everyone. Lindsay's addition is a quartet of richly colored miniature landscapes set into small square frames. Looking at each of these images is like peering through a window into an open expanse alive with light and color. The matted format and expanse of paper suggests a calm stillness, contrasting nicely with the energetic flow of Steph's work on the preceding pages. The bar has been set very high by all of the contributions to Lorraine's book - I hope I can keep it going!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Linday's Finished with David's Dance Book

Who is the lucky next person??? Just let me know where to send it.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

David's Book

Well, here is Brain's contribution to David's dance book. Brian this is really lovely in person. My family admired your work too saying it was very romantic. Did you use pastel pencils to get all those wonderful details in?

Now I have TWO books to work on and send along. No pressure here!

I'm still in the land of the living.

Hi Folks
I've really missed being in contact with you all and apologise for not being in touch. And no, I didn't get lost in Donegal. It's been a crazy few months of University work, freelance work, and resuming my own studies for a master's degree. Along with a banjaxed camera and a broadband connection with a mind of its own, life has been, to say the least, interesting.
However, I can now send Casey's Freedom sketch book on. Any takers?

Sunday, 12 October 2008

... and she makes splash!!!

Vivien's Splashdown in Lindsay's Moley, Part 1

Just when I got Vivien's wonderful Seascapes book and was itching for more than reproductions, she returned Lindsay's moley to me... jippieh! Some beautiful wild seas in real life - oil? - sketches. One's a close-up, one's more land-, oops: seascapey. Both of them are richly worked, reworked, with lines, markings, scrapings and scratchings. There's plenty of whites used, and done so very well. It will give me plenty of look at, think about and play with - for my own seascapes, but also of course where to go next? If Vivien made astronaut David arrive, what's gonna happen next?

Vivien's Splashdown in Lindsay's Moley, Part 2

I think that will require some consideration...

Many thanks, Vivien - and I'm sure everyone who'll get if from here on will love the way this moley has been developing. It could well be the one with most entries yet? It has five so far: Lindsay, Brian, Lorraine, David and Vivien.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

where are we up to now?

where are we up to now?

Who has which books ?

it's gone a bit quiet

How many are completed in each of the books - could we all update? like x has y's book which now has 5 entries and is on it's way to z????

I haven't got a book ......

I want a book!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Dance by Steph

Here's Steph's contribution to David's "Dance" theme. We transition from Vivien's delicate blossoms scattered by a late summer breeze to Steph's energetic dancers kicking, jumping, and stretching across the page. The figures are drawn with wonderful efficiency and vigor, suggestive of the dynamic motion of dance while complimenting the light, floating feel of the red blossoms. This book is a real treat with great work by David, Gesa, Vivien, and now Steph - hopefully I can keep it going...

Lindsay's book with David's addition

David's work in Lindsay's book - Maps and Destinations

Sorry for the belated posting - life keeps getting in the way :>(

This is the fabulous addition by David, following on from the lovely maps by Lindsay, Brian and Lorraine - he took it off into a slightly different direction!

Note the Scottish Flag of St Andrew on the sleeve and the intials DC on the suit - wishful thinking David?

I really love this - the idea, the composition - it just works so well!

He's in for a rather damp splashdown on the next page - I decided to go for the destination as there were lots of maps .... but Gesa can show you that when it arrives :>)

I'm sending it to Gesa so that she gets to see my scribbles for once IRL and then it can go back on track and it can go to Stephanie next I hope that's ok?

Casey have you sent a book to me? you can if you have one :>)