Monday, 14 September 2009

Missing books

Hiya all.

I've emailed Lorraine today asking if she'd send all the books to me so that I can get them distributed asap.

When I contacted her in June she said she had Brian's, Gesa's, David's and Lindsay's Moleys ready to post, and she was going to send Gesa's onto me, and that she was going to ask later who to send mine onto.

But I didn't receive Gesa's, so I mailed her again in July, but then I have been away for most of the 7 weeks over summer so I haven't chased her up again until now.

I know Brian and Lindsay got theirs back from Lorraine soon after she replied in June. So we're still missing Gesa's and David's. I also sent Vivian's to Lorraine some time back, and Lorraine said she was going to send Viv's back to me.

So, as far as I can tell;

Lorraine has mine (Steph), Gesa's, David's, and Viv's, and her own (Lorraine's)
Casey has his own.
David has his own.
Linday has his own.

That's eight in all.

If I haven't heard from her in a week I'll send her a letter. I hope she's okay in herself, but I also hope she's able to get the books sent to me, if sending them individually isn't possible.

Here's hoping.