Friday, 19 December 2008

Two New Mole's Arrived in Chicago

This is Lorraine's unique and wildly creative contribution to Gesa's Line book. Lorraine has attached mini dress patterns from festive ribbon hangers and sewn THE ACTUAL PAGES! This is a lovely and inspiring interpretation of the theme and I'm going to have some fancy thinking to come up with my own ideas.

And here is Brian's serene, beautifully textured contribution to Vivien's book. This peaceful, idyllic scene is entitled "Hell's Gate, East River,NY" It's hard to see all of his rich pastel strokes built up on the surface. Very rich addition!


daviddrawsandpaints said...

Ahh, thinking outa the box that's what excites me! Excellent contribution Lorraine. I can see that as a painting! (but that would ruin it)
And very well photographed Lindsay!

Moleskinery Lives!

And Brian, the serene blue (my favourite colour) belies in it's multi-textured layers (I hope) hellfire reds...and even purples?

In passing it almost looks like the Loch Ness Monster :o)


Brian McGurgan said...

Very creative, Lorraine - this is really wonderful. Art imitating work? This will be fun to see in person.

Thanks, Lindsay and David, for your comments. I did work some soft purples and red browns into the rocks, David, and used very light reds to give some extra color to the water in places.

This is a very local landscape for us - a stretch of the East River less than a city block away from our apartment. Because it is near the meeting place of the Long Island Sound and Harlem River (which connects to the Hudson), the current here is extremely fast. Visitors will often remark with surprise at how quickly the water is flowing past on its way to New York Harbor. My brother-in-law, member of a crew on a ship that sometimes moves cargo up and down the river, says there are times when they choose to wait for change of tide rather than to fight the currents here. At low tide, these rocks are part of a jumble of stones that line the riverside but when the tide rises they become little islands instead.
Unfortunately - as its name the Hellgate suggests - there is a bit of grim history to this place. Despite it's placid appearance today, this is the site of New York City's worst pre-21st century tragedy. In 1904, the passenger steamship General Slocum caught fire while pushing upstream. On reaching the Hellsgate, the strong and dangerous currents contributed to horrible disaster by making rescue nearly impossible and as a result of this and other factors many, many lives were lost. Today, despite its fast current and the weight of history, this stretch of river evokes a sense of calm and for this reason features frequently in my drawings.

Lindsay said...

ThanksDAvid for your compliment on the photos. That's our new ping pong table and a perfect value to shoot light work against! (plus another flat surface near my studio heheheh)

Brian, I grew up in Huntington Long Island and loved hanging out at the beach on the "sound" side. Thanks for explaining the name and the character of the river. I adore rivers,as you all know.

Brian McGurgan said...

Wow, Lindsay, no kidding - I was born in Huntington and spent the first formidable years of my life there!

Brian McGurgan said...

...or maybe those were my "formative" years... either way, I barely remember them since we moved when I was very young.

vivien said...

a really imaginative addition Lorraine :>) I wish I could see it for real

and Brian that's a beautiful addition to my book - thank you :>) I really look forward to seeing it

It's great that things are moving again

I have a book sitting on my desk (Casey's) waiting to be worked in

Gesa said...

Wow... what a cool idea, Lorraine. I like it a lot and it's looks great as in continuing on from Steph.
Brian's addition in Vivien's book is very interesting too... I like it's little vignette-like enframing.

Lindsay said...

Brian, haha I think formidable would do it for me. I was a teen in those years and sewed a few wild oats. Funny about the considence. I went back to see LI a few years ago and the whole thing is one big slab of pavment. Made me sad.

Yellow said...

This is such a lovely idea. Lines and linings, and what they suggest to Lorraine, making it very personal and thoughful. Well done Lorraine.
And Brians Lanscape, which, again, is from a place full of meaning and memories for him.
It's fantastic to see that you guys are putting so much thought and effort and emotion into these little books.
Merry Christmas, by the way.