Friday, 23 April 2010


Since I didn't get the chance previously to show off my piece-de-resistance for this exchange (even though it is now officially finished), I thought I would make one more contribution to give myself some closure on this project.

The subject, created (if that is the right word) by Stephanie, is "Genesis", and although it may hold for her specifically religious meanings, for me it simply means the start or beginning of new life.

With that in mind I think about the cycle of life, a return to origins, and with a passing nod to the first book of the Christian and Jewish Bible, I take the simple apple as my source:

Eating my way through this apple I come, eventually, to the seeds which embody the potential of life renewed.

A Golden Delicious indeed!

I wish you all good fortune in your lives and to always find fresh and stimulating renewal.



Yellow said...

These are great. What a great interpretation. You've made me very happy.

Brian McGurgan said...

These are a lot of fun, David, and nicely drawn as well. A great concept for your Genesis series...

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures :D

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Ahmad Sultan said...

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