Saturday, 6 September 2008

... and off into space

... is where David's entry is taking us as current destination in Lindsay's moley.

What a good idea... guided by a few stars towards the sun.

Take a look yourself.

David's contributionn to Lindsay's Moley

And: where to go next if the sky's already been the limit???


Lindsay said...

David, I love this. Did you know I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan?? (TNG) I love how the map seems to connect to the planet. This is very imaginative.

Yellow said...

You've broken the mold yet again, while sticking to the theme. Good for you. But this does beg the question of 'what planet are you on?'.

vivien said...

this is fabulous and fun and really imaginative :>) I'm loving the different things you do David :>)

Brian McGurgan said...

This is a lot of fun David, and with some nice rich blues to boot. Great untethered self portrait - let's hope you don't float too far out into orbit!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

A Trekkie, Lindsay?
I stopped watching it after William Shatner and Co. were pensioned off, and Scotty's phasers couldnae take it!

As Brian noted, Stephanie, I am floating free in orbit and not on any planet in particular! Who knows where the solar winds will take me next!

I'm glad you guys got a laugh from it, and you all Live Long and Prosper!