Saturday, 16 August 2008

Our moleys... where are they?

I keep checking the blog to see what's where but must admit, I've got a bit lost as to the whereabout of our moleys...

As far as I can see:
Vivien has't got any, I don't have any, Lorraine is looking forward to get Casey's moley from Brian, David has Lindsay's moley.

Which leaves Steph and Casey? Casey, did you receive Vivien and my moley?

Do we want to stick with the previous order or mix the cards anew as Steph suggested in the previous post? I personally don't mind either way, am just looking for some reassurance that all the books are somewhere in someone's safe hands :)


daviddrawsandpaints said...

I've got Lindsay's moley and intend to send it off by the end of this week.
Unless I hear differently I will be posting it to Gesa (you lucky girl!)
However, I don't mind either if the consensus is to change the posting order.

Hands up anyone else who would like to receive it first?

Brian McGurgan said...

I sent Casey's sketchbook on to Lorraine this past Friday so she should have it within the next several days. With that, I'm waiting on the next one to arrive and am happy to shake up the order if that helps others along.

Casey Klahn said...

I'm sitting on 3 Moleys, and am just back from Summer Camp today.

I think I'll forward one of the 3 that I have to Lindsay, as I am way behind.

Gesa said...

Ah... good... so, Casey - that'll be Steph's, Vivien's and mine then? No worries, but I was surprised not to see a note saying that they arrived... No worries about time etc... as we said in the beginning: other things keep happening, so there's no rush.... Cheers

vivien said...

I was getting a bit worried as well - it seems ages since I had a book :>( - but life certainly does get in the way - I got hit by 2 really horrific health problems in the family all at once - my father and my husband - bad :>(

Lindsay said...

Ok, I'll try not to flip out that I need to work on THREE moles soon. Just means we are going to take a bit longer finishing. Casey, I'm looking forward to seeing the next one. Want me to send it back to you?