Thursday, 7 August 2008

Vivien's Brainwave

I've just been catching up on people's blogs (kinda) and found that Viv's had a cool idea -'s a shame that we miss out on seeing much of some people's work - it maybe needs a mathematician to arrange a future exchange and work out permutations to change the order of sending the books a little? making books criss cross - making people partners so one time the book goes to A and the next book to B, winding in and out in strands so that the books keep moving ..... don't think my maths is up to it!......
I have no idea if this could work BUT I do think it's a great idea. It would give us the chance to see other people's work, and it would mean that we're not always following on from the work of the same artist each time. So, I have a suggestion. If we each look at which Moley's w have in our possession at present, and make a note of who is left on the list for it to be sent to (the original postal list is on the blog's side bar) then choose who you feel lie posting it onto, and send it, maybe putting a copy of the list in the handy pocket at the back of the Moley, and crossing out who's had it, so the recipient can see who is left on the list for it to be sent to. This may cause bottle-necks but I know I myself had 2 Moleys at once. Also, if anyone isn't inspired to draw int the one they have they could send it and add their name to the list in the back to get it again at some point in the future. So that way, everyone gets to paint (draw, whatever, you know what I mean) in each Moley, but we just jazz up the order.
I suppose people can post on the blog asking for a Moley if they have none at the time, or to say WAIT, I'm up to my neck in Molies (that spelling looks wrong).
Anyway, how do you guys feel about that suggestion?


Gesa said...

WEll, I'm one for improvisation and am up for that - it's a shame to only see e.g. one of Vivien's sketches. Seeing that each Moley will have a good number of entries by now, I think it may well work, what do others think?

vivien said...

I'm happy with that - I don't have one at the moment, I posted the 2 you sent on to Stephanie this week.

who wants my next one?

Yellow said...

Flying visit to say I have the two from Vivien which now means I have three - Danding, Close and the Maps & Destinations one. I'm away at four in the morning tomorrow for ten days so I won't have a chance to work on them or send them on til I get back. Tell you what. If anyone wants any of these three in particular, email me and I'll send them on when I get back & just concentrate on one before mailing it.