Sunday, 9 November 2008

Just Like Busses.... wait forever on one, and two come along at the same time!

So, I'll take the first one part of the way then change to the second for the remainder of my journey:

Steph's brooding northern edifice, seen contre-jour from a low viewpoint, is pieced together with creative collage and full of painted textures. A monumental moley masterpiece! Great stuff Steph, and in stark contrast to the gentle rolling summer meadows of Viviens southern landscape. Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights' meets Vaughan-Williams 'A Lark Ascending':

Jump off one bus, and onto the next (it's just as well I have my Auld Git's Travel Card!):

Flying high with Lorraine's multi-coloured kite looking down on sandy beaches gives a great sense of a blustery day at the sea-side. I believe one of the two "edjits" with the dog may in fact be Lorraine herself loving the freedom and pleasure a deserted beach brings us!. Well done Lorraine - it makes a great spacious image:

I will need to fly this kite for a while up at Penshaw Monument to see if I can achieve similar enjoyable lift-off's!


Brian McGurgan said...

Very cool and dramatic painting, Steph. I like the textures and striking light/dark contrasts. The motion-filled sky looks great against the stoic solidity of the monument. Very nice work!

Lorraine, this landscape with kite is really lovely. There's a wonderful sense of distance here and the sky looks great. Great work!

vivien said...

I love that brooding towering building looming there - is that in my book? I do hope it is and it's on the move again - I'd be very happy to have that in my book so hope it is!

Love the kite and the aerial view Lorraine :>)

oh it's great that things are moving again :>)

Lindsay said...

These are both wonderful! So nice to see them and Lor I'd love to hear more about this process.

Yellow said...

Thanks guys. Stoic. I like that. I've not heard from Casey as to why there was a log jam of work I'd sent him. But it's great to see them back in circulation. Lorraine, I love the view portrait-wise. Very graphic and, as was said, great sense of distance.

Anonymous said...

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