Thursday, 13 November 2008

Where on earth.....?

Hiya all, here's the list of Moleys. I've noted where some are, so can you 'edit' my post and record where the others are right now?

Brian - Stretch - in the post to Lindsay
Lorraine - Close - with Brian
David - The Dance - in the post to Lorraine
Gesa - Lines - with Lor Lor
Vivian - Landscapes - with David
Stephanie - Genesis - with Brian
Casey - Freedom - with David
Lindsay - Maps & Destinations - Gesa has it

we could add a tab down the side with this info, and each of us could update it when they receive a book? What do you think?


Gesa said...

Yes - please? Where is mine???
I do have Lindsay's here, it needs a bit more work and then it'll go to Steph, which is the last one missing (without Casey)

vivien said...

Oh I'm so glad mine is out there again!

Casey has dropped out so maybe return his book to him?

Casey would have had yours I think Gesa - Steph would forward it to him? - did he forward it? He said he'd posted 3 I think.

Yellow said...

Casey, I've just dug out the photo I took of the drawing I did in Gesa's Lines & Lineages Moley & sent to you around June. Did you get it, and if so, have you sent it on to Lindsay?

Lindsay said...

I send close to Lor. She should have it soon.

Lindsay said...

Woops, I mean "Dance"...sorry for the confusion.

Yellow said...

Now I don't have a Moley. Boo hoo.

Lor Lor said...

Yes Lindsay

I got it the other day. So I will be working on it soon.

Brian McGurgan said...

I should have Lorraine's Close ready to go by Tuesday morning - I've started and am about halfway through. After that, I'll get to work on Steph's Genesis.

Yellow said...

Hurrah, the list is all up to date. All Moleys found and accounted for. Over and out.