Monday, 19 January 2009

Lindsay's Work in Gesa 's Book

Here's a delightful contribution to Gesa's book by Lindsay. A repeated pen in silhouette dances over a flow of words about art and drawing that form lines - in keeping with the theme of Gesa's book. In a lovely splash of color, a red star makes an appearance on each page providing a decorative grace note to the composition. Wonderful work, Lindsay!

Gesa's book is the only one I haven't yet worked in so I'm looking forward to getting started. There are some remarkably creative entries in this book and it's a lot of fun to look at. Once I'm through, it looks like I'll be sending it off to David - all of the other members of our team have worked in Gesa's book already. David, I'll try to have it on it's way later this week.


Lindsay said...

So glad it arrived! And, as usual, you write beautifully. Can't wait to see what you do in it!

Gesa said...

oh... i've got some pen and ink experiments with law enforcement tools. very cool. i like it and the stars too :)

vivien's arrived today too, lindsay... i will post something as soon as i get round to, but it's looking fab. what a great sketchbook that is.

i notice you've taken to gluing your pieces of art in, now - very nifty... it successfully addresses the 'what happens if i mess it up' worry ;)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

When I first opened the page I saw this striking image as a series of black star-shone figures instead of four pens. But where would these line-drawing, word-writing, implements be without the hand to direct them?
Interesting piece Lindsay - well done!

Thanks Brian, I'm looking forward to receiving it already :o)

Yellow said...

I thought they were figures, slender Giacometti-like forms. Beautiful. Well done Lindsay.

vivien said...

I too saw figures - really effective Lindsay, I love these.