Friday, 30 January 2009

The locality gallery

It has been with me for a week or so, but with frantic work schedules and nasty bugs abound, it is only now that I'm getting round to posting this.

It's the local landscapes sketchbook of Vivien that is with me now. What a glorious series of snapshots it provides from the different places where we live. It is fairly complete now with Lindsay's entry being the most recent one.

She, again to great effect, has used the sketchbook as a virtual gallery to display beautifully some winter ink and wash scenes of one of her favourite local spots: Thatcher Pond.

Moley Exchange Lindsay entry in Vivien's book
Lindsay's addition to Vivien's Sketchbook
Thatcher Pond,
Ink, wash and paper

I had an idea since early on for this: A rolling clouds and rain sketch over Inveraray which I sketched in June. But, so much time has passed and I think I pass on some of my recent pond in winter time explorations.

I will then send it on to Lorraine who is the only one who hasn't worked in this.

Where are we with all other Moleys?

I know that I still need to work in Steph's - David, do you still have it? I would need it very soon since my work schedule is gathering far too much speed again from about 10 Feb onwards.

Maybe everyone can leave a comment as to which Moleys still need work by whom?


Yellow said...

Hiya, I've posted Lindsay's Maps & Destinations Moley back to him, so I don't have any Moley's any more. The only one I haven't worked on yet is Casey's Freedom one, I think.

Brian McGurgan said...

These are beautiful, Lindsay! What a treat for Vivien to have this set of wonderful little paintings in her book. The washes and brushstrokes work very well together, and with such nice use of color.

I've got no books (other than my own finished one) and I believe that I've worked in all of them.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Excellent winter scenes Lindsay - cold and a bit bleak just like today here in Scotland.

Steph is correct, but I thought you, Brian, still had to work in Steph's Genesis, and Lindsay's Maps, no?

Brian McGurgan said...

Just saw your question here, David - I finished my drawing in Steph's book back in December and sent it on to Lorraine. Lindsay's was the second one I worked in way back when and this has gone on to others after me as well.

Yellow said...

How rude of me not to comment on Lindsay's work shown here. The images have been haunting me since I saw them, and I really wish I were the owner of these amazing little masterpieces. Lindsay, if you have a spare few inches of paper and an hour to know my address of course.... As my dad says 'Shy bairns get nowt!'

Lindsay said...

Thanks everyone. Yup, my book is complete and I believe I've worked in everyone's so I'm officially finished.

It's been great fun everyone.

vivien said...

oh my goodness! these are beautiful! and in MY book - I'm deelighted! I love them.

I haven't been getting updates and I'd not checked in for a while and there's this lovely flurry of exciting work to see :>)