Friday, 20 February 2009

A line back to Glasgow

Mine made it back too!

I received it a wee while back but only now managed to scan the pages and try to get it to Lorraine pronto. David added some fancy men-in-skirts pop outs to complete the Lines, Lineages and Linings. It's become such a different book to when I posted it off in May to Vivien.

Have a look at the slide show:

Lorraine, I will post this tomorrow and will post Vivien's which is still with me asap, I hope to finish it at the weekend. Looking forward to hear/see how the books look at the exhibition. Many thanks for organising this!


vivien said...

it looks great :>)

Gesa said...

It does, doesn't it? :)

Yellow said...

There's some great continuity in this book. Everyone really seems to have understood and interpreted well. I love it. David's entry will stand out (pardon the pun) in Lor's exhibition.

Lindsay said...

What a rich book Gesa. Great concept and thanks for posting.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for posting the whole book GEsa. I don't know if my first comment made it or not so I'm sending this one too.

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