Sunday, 1 February 2009

What a Star!

Brian goes to the top of the class having got his moley finished first and also for this delicate set of gentle pastel flowers in Gesa's 'Lines and Lineage' book. At first I thought they must be Edelweiss in honour of Gesa's nationality, but then changed my mind to Ipheon (Liliaceae, from Mexico), but why would he do that I wondered? My final guess is Orinthogalum or the "Star of Bethlehem" since he must have one flowering right now in his NY apartment and got the time to do it over Christmas!

It's good to see you got the blue and the orange out of your Christmas box of Unison, Brian! :o)

As far as I can make out here's where we stand with each of the other moleskines, as amended today by Brian:

1. Brian's Stretch is finished and is back home with him. Yippee!
2. Lorraine's Close is unaccounted for but Vivien has yet to create her masterpiece in it.
3. Gesa's Lines book is with me. Everyone else has done their thang so I will be posting it home to Gesa when I am finished (soon-ish).
4. Vivien's Landscapes is with Gesa. Lorraine has still to work in it, then it will be finished.
5. Lindsay's Maps is now finished and has been returned home to her.
6. Casey's Freedom sent on but not received by Steph yet - worrying as sent ages ago really quickly after Gesa sent it on - her work in it was gorgeous as well.
7. Steph's Genesis has the most outstanding with LorLor, Gesa, Vivien, and lil' ole me yet to start in it (pun intended). I think it is with Lorraine.
8. And last but not least my Dance is, I believe, presently is also with Lorraine and therefore soon to be completed and returned to me for framing. Isn't that right Lor?

With the exception of the Freedom and Genesis books all the rest are almost complete, so if this exhibition is still on (perhaps Lorraine can confirm please?) then it just means a couple of them will not be entirely complete [philosophy and mathematics were always my strongest points, as well as stating the obvious].

Anything to add?

No 6 amended by Gesa.


Brian McGurgan said...

Thanks for posting the photos, David. The flowers are paperwhites that we grew in our apartment from bulbs given to us by a friend over the holidays. They pack quite a pungent smell.

I've finished work in everyone's books and have none here but my own now. I can shed light on numbers 5 and 7 on your list, though. Judging by recent posts it looks like Steph sent Lindsay's book back to her recently. Meanwhile, I sent Steph's book on to Lorraine in early December and got confirmation from her that she had received it. I'm not sure that she has had a chance to post photos yet or to work in it herself. Hopefully others can weigh in with updates of their own.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks Brian - I was only going by what contributions have been posted up and haven't seen your Genesis or Maps yet. Perhaps one day!
And, I haven't heard of these "paperwhites" since they are not listed in my 'Big Book of Little Flowers', but having Googled them I see they are small narcissi.

Gesa said...

Brian, these are so beautifully delicate. What a lovely addition to my book :)

I've got an update on Casey's book: it is with Vivien, and inclusive of my entry.

Lindsay said...

Lovely post and luck Gesa to have those beautiful flowers in her book.

I have my book now and will be posting Steph's mysterious contribution.

Karen L R said...

Thanks for your comment on my 1/23/09 post! I'm still pretty new to blogging and was surprised that you found me. I LOVE what you all are doing with "Moleys". My daughter turned me on to them about 2 years ago, and now I depend on them to keep track of my ideas. I've bookmarked you!

Yellow said...

Lindsay, I'm dying to see my work on screen. What are you up to?

vivien said...


yes. Casey's book is with me and I need to photograph the GORGEOUS work that Gesa did - I've added mine and then it will be on its way

I had it for a while - sorry about that