Monday, 16 February 2009

Sketchbook exhibition

Hello Everyone.

Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while. Between family illness, students exams and my own exams and erratic internet connections thing have been rather hectic to say the least.

Everything is now set for the display of our sketchbooks in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) of the University of Ulster.

If you would like to send the sketchbooks in your possession to me. I will arrange the display on Sunday evening. Don't worry if they arrive later. The sketch books will be in the three display cases shown, each case will hold two sketchbooks, so I will rotate them over the next four weeks to ensure they are all on display for the same amount of time.

Also, if you could write a short biography (approx 150 words) or profile about yourself, your art work and the sketchbook exchange. these can be emailed to me at any time.
I think the sketchbooks will look great displayed together, I'll post photos here so we can see them together.
All the best


Lindsay said...

Count me in Loraine. I'll get things together this week and mail them out. Thanks for arranging this! It's going to be great to see them in such classy digs.

Brian McGurgan said...

I should be able to mail my book in a day or so, Lorraine - hope that's soon enough. Thanks for putting this together, and I do hope things are well with your family there.

Gesa said...

Lorraine - do you have an address for the LRC? At which campus is it? I am trying to put some info of this on my blog and realised that I don't have much info on directions etc.

Lindsay said...

Lorraine, I just posted my book so let me know when you get it!! So exciting. IF you need more copy from me let me know.

Casey Klahn said...

I need a deadline - when did you say the exhibition will be? Thanks for doing this, Lor Lor.

vivien said...

Are you posting some stuff to add to the books Casey?

I have Casey's book Lorraine and will forward it for finishing this week

Lor Lor said...

The exhibition starts today, but don't worry if all the books are not together at once, because I will be rotating them around the display cases. I have four on display at the moment so I will add the others as they arrive. Thanks folks!

Lor Lor said...

Oh Gesa, the LRC is on the Belfast Campus at York Street, BT15 1ET.

Yellow said...

I don't have any Moleys in my posession but I will mail you some blurb to add shortly. You're a star for organising this Lorraine. Thanks.

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