Monday, 21 July 2008

A bit of stretching

... before I pack this up to send to Vivien, I realised that I haven't posted David's entry on this one.
Here it is: arms up in the air, there's a bit more peopleing going on in the STRETCH moley now. The place where I stayed last week, and had the moley with me, didn't have that many people around, but plenty of sheep. I'll post a teaser of that on my blog, but you can see the first couple of centimetres here, too :)

David's entry in Brian's STRETCH moley


vivien said...

carnival :>) lots of stretching and dancing and jiggling going on! it's a wonder those skimpy little costumes stay put :>O

This is fun! :>)

Brian McGurgan said...

This is great David - I love the color and the energy of it, and of course those very sexy dancers. I also like how the placid lough in Donegal from Lorraine's work transforms into a tropical carnival - very cool!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Cheers guys!
I didn't really stretch myself with this one (unless you count the bloke in the pink shirt and blue pants as a self-portrait!). When you get an idea you just have to follow it and set off those fireworks to disturb the peace!

Yellow said...

This is such a lively scene, full of energy.

Lor Lor said...

This look it was a lot of fun to do. All those pinks and purples it looks positively lush.