Saturday, 26 July 2008

Brian's book - theme: Stretch

Gesa Helm's work in Brian's book - theme: Stretch
Brian's book contains coloured pencil sketches of his local landscape, followed by the same of Ireland by Lorraine, a visit to the carnival with David and continues with these fabulous sketches of the Isle of Eigg by Gesa.

hmmm sorry Gesa - that looks rather too blue onscreen - imagine it greener please everyone!

I really like the loose gestural marks, catching the feel of the scrubby highland grass, old stone wall, rocks and scree. There's an interesting write up on the back as well about how the mist controlled how much could be seen - how far the horizon stretched - just to the stone wall? or to the cairn? always changing.

I love wild places. I travelled a lot in Scotland as I lived there for a few years but I never made it to the islands and always wanted to.


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Brian McGurgan said...

These sketches look wonderful, Gesa. I love the loose lines and rich color and look forward to seeing them in person!