Sunday, 13 July 2008

close up of dancing poppies

details to show what is collage and what is paint or pencil as David asked which bits were collage .
Here are elements blown up to much larger than life size and sharpened/sharpen edges/increase contrast- ed to show the edges more clearly. They don't show as much in real life and are of course much smaller. I think you can see here what elements are used where.

I love the popettes jiving comment David! what a way with words :>D


Lindsay said...

Oh! Yes! Wonderful close up. Thanks.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks again Vivien - it's an effective and creative way of working.

ps: I can also get myself into a lot of hot water with my "way with words"!

vivien said...


I can get into trouble for forgettin to engage the brain before the mouth!

Gesa said...

This is soo cool, Vivien... I like the dancing poppies and the way you collaged them!

vivien said...

thanks Gesa :>)