Thursday, 9 October 2008

where are we up to now?

where are we up to now?

Who has which books ?

it's gone a bit quiet

How many are completed in each of the books - could we all update? like x has y's book which now has 5 entries and is on it's way to z????

I haven't got a book ......

I want a book!!!!!!!!!!!


daviddrawsandpaints said...

I'm still waiting on Casey's Freedom book which was last reported with Lorraine who, presumably, has taken it off to Donegal with her. There has been no activity on her blogsite since 17th August so I am just hoping she is all right. Perhaps she could let us know?

Casey: if you are reading this but not able to work in the books you have could you please pass them on to someone else?

Finally, I didn't know y,z,and x were participating in this exchange, so if they could stand up and identify themselves and say which books they are in possession of it would be a great relief at least to me!

Gesa said...

uhuh... i've got one - but that's no use to you, vivien, seeing that you sent it to me ;)
so: once i feel i can share a very cool splash down with the rest of you, i'll post some pics... probably on the weekend.
i've got a mail from lorraine a couple of days back, so she's aroud and mentioned the freedom moley as being almost ready to go again.

but otherwise: yes,... it would be good to get the remaining moleys into circulation.

Brian McGurgan said...

I've got David's and am gearing up to make a mark or two in it. I'm not sure where I should send it from there since we've broken up the sequence - Lindsay, Casey, and Lorraine still haven't gotten it.
Last I heard Lorraine was doing well but has been busy with work.

Lindsay said...

I have Lorraine's book and am almost finished....I'll be mailing it out by the end of the week.

Yellow said...

Lindsay, do you have the one I sent on to you? Was it Close I sent to you? I'm getting forgetful im my 36th year. I have Brian's Stretch Moley, and I thought I'd already blogged here to ask if anyone wants it as I'm still totally stuck and don't want to do a half-hearted entry so I'd rather skip a turn and pass it on.

Brian McGurgan said...

Lindsay, would you like David's book next? I think you, Casey, and Lorraine still haven't seen it and it would probably make sense to send it on its US rounds before passing it back over the ocean. I'm just about done and hope to be ready to send it in the next day or two.