Sunday, 12 October 2008

... and she makes splash!!!

Vivien's Splashdown in Lindsay's Moley, Part 1

Just when I got Vivien's wonderful Seascapes book and was itching for more than reproductions, she returned Lindsay's moley to me... jippieh! Some beautiful wild seas in real life - oil? - sketches. One's a close-up, one's more land-, oops: seascapey. Both of them are richly worked, reworked, with lines, markings, scrapings and scratchings. There's plenty of whites used, and done so very well. It will give me plenty of look at, think about and play with - for my own seascapes, but also of course where to go next? If Vivien made astronaut David arrive, what's gonna happen next?

Vivien's Splashdown in Lindsay's Moley, Part 2

I think that will require some consideration...

Many thanks, Vivien - and I'm sure everyone who'll get if from here on will love the way this moley has been developing. It could well be the one with most entries yet? It has five so far: Lindsay, Brian, Lorraine, David and Vivien.


vivien said...

thanks Gesa :>)

yes, oil and then rather than continue in oil I used coloured pencils a little to push some of the colour changes - in a sketch book you can play :>)

I do like oil in sketchbooks - you can close the pages when you finish and you may get a free monotype on the facing page ;>) but it doesn't ruin your sketch and you can carry on with working on the next page

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful work, Vivien - these convey a wonderful sense of the motion of the waves and of the sea water splashing against and over the rocks. I can smell the briny sea air and feel the spray!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Ach, he's stolen all my lines!

Put's me in the notion to do some seascapes myself.

I especially like the mauvey-blues in Part 2. It really does look wet and wild!

Lindsay said...

Vivien, no one does sea scapes like you. I'm so lucky to have one of your oil sketches in my book!!!
Thank you thank you thank you.

Yellow said...

I agree, this really is wonderful

vivien said...

< blush > I think I tried to give everyone a bit of a seascape .... but I'm losing track!

and thank you for the lovely comments :>)

We had the blue blue day on the first day down there and the wild and wet weather the next day - typical Cornwall! lovely to work with though and it turned nice again after that :>)