Sunday, 5 October 2008

Lindsay's book with David's addition

David's work in Lindsay's book - Maps and Destinations

Sorry for the belated posting - life keeps getting in the way :>(

This is the fabulous addition by David, following on from the lovely maps by Lindsay, Brian and Lorraine - he took it off into a slightly different direction!

Note the Scottish Flag of St Andrew on the sleeve and the intials DC on the suit - wishful thinking David?

I really love this - the idea, the composition - it just works so well!

He's in for a rather damp splashdown on the next page - I decided to go for the destination as there were lots of maps .... but Gesa can show you that when it arrives :>)

I'm sending it to Gesa so that she gets to see my scribbles for once IRL and then it can go back on track and it can go to Stephanie next I hope that's ok?

Casey have you sent a book to me? you can if you have one :>)


daviddrawsandpaints said...

I used to dream about being a rock star like Sir Mick but couldn't get into the tight pants, so I started dreaming about flying to the stars and walking on the moon. I've got my own helmet (made out of an old plastic fishbowl, snorkel tube, and two cans of baked beans) but I haven't had the call yet to serve my country and boldly go. As for the damp splashdown well that's OK 'cause I've also got my own wellies as you can see.
Thanks for reprising my flight to outer space Vivien, but no-one has yet questioned the star trail and the reference to Jupiter!

vivien said...


ok - I'm questioning??????

daviddrawsandpaints said...

The named star-trail is simply supposed to be the 'Plough' constellation superimposed on the Milky Way which wanders across the night sky (there's a lot to try to get in these wee pages of a moleskine!), and The signpost is pointing to the planet Jupiter, ie: "The Bringer of Jollity". "I" am also pointing towards it, and having a laugh while I'm at it :o)

So analyse that!

Yellow said...

I did see the signposts, and thought it was a clever tie in with the journey & signposting in previous drawings. You see, with my super powers nothing gets past me.

vivien said...

:>) I didn't get the Jupiter > Jollity at all