Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Absolutely Wonderful!

What a wonderful piece of work Lorraine. Your garden of delights arrived safely this afternoon and I was taken aback by it's exquisite beauty and the care you have taken to produce it. With poignant quotes within the painting and on the inside at the back I will let others find these added delights for themselves.
Unfortunately it also scares the life out of me! How can I possibly follow this? for you and I seem to be at different ends of artistic expression. I use my sketchbooks (messily) to explore and develop ideas and material for larger paintings which in turn will be carried out in a bold and expressionistic manner while this little painting of yours is already finished to a very high standard. Now I am challenged to find a greater degree of finesse that normally eludes me so that I don't make a mess of your sketchbook. I promise you I will take the greatest care with your book and do my utmost not to fail you!

Well done Lorraine!


Lor Lor said...

Thank you for your kind words David, but I use my sketchbooks just as you do.
Sketchbooks are works in progress, sometimes you get lucky and things end up more finished than others, but messy is good!
As Van Gogh said,"I try to capture things in the act"

Yellow said...

Wow, there is so much in this. It's like a tiny world of it's own. Did you draw it from your own garden, or is it from your imagination?

Lor Lor said...
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Lor Lor said...

Sorry my spelling is terrible! Glad you like it Steph, I did it plonked down in the garden or in the sunroom when the wind got up. It is meant to be a blue border, but I just can't resist a new plant.