Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I am an idiot. And I need to slow down. Here's the story; Vivien's Landscape Moley arrived on my mat weeks ago, so I photographed it and posted a rave review. Then I went off to do other things, while pondering on what I was going to add to it.
Fast forward, and I'm working in Vivien's Moley. Day one goes okay but as day two dawns I'm not happy with what I've done in it. Oh well, put the kettle on and check the post. Wow, Gesa's Lines and Lineages Moley arrives on my mat. Wow, inspiration. I start drawing immediately in Gesa's Moley, and, her original work gives me the solution to the problems I was having in Viven's Moley. Hours later and I'm a very happy bunny. Day three, I take some panoramic photos for my own records, and post both of them off to Casey.
Fingers drumming on my computer table, post added to the group with an oblique photo of Viv's Moley as a teaser. How long til Casey gets them.......
Today dawns, I post on my own Blog about my Genesis Moley, and my blood literally ran cold. I've sent off Gesa's Moley to Casey, but I haven't blogged about getting it and what Vivien had drawn in it. I am an idiot.
So I've emailed Vivien to ask if she took any photos of her work in Gesa's Moley because none of mine do her work justice. Please don't sack me. I promise to lessen my caffeine intake and listen to soothing music.


Lor Lor said...

Panic ye not my pet! We all can have off days.
If we were perfect it would be very boring.

Casey Klahn said...

Sounds like me sending my jpegs to the pro lab and realizing I had cropped them wrong (and the deadline is up!).

Or putting the wrong glass in the commission, and losing days on that!

I think that you're getting the art done to your liking. That's what I see in the story.

Of course, now I'll be three Moleys on the desk at once! Yyiiipes! Poor Lindsay!

I'll spread it out a bit for you Lindsay.

Gesa said...

This made me chuckle... in particular since I'd been sitting on the previous one. No worries... I think a lot of things merely exist to one to mess them up somehow. I don't think they are intended to be done 'as planned'. Glad my moley entry resolved some of your stuff - I think it's great when stuff works like that, that's the fun in group projects!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

I don't know how Vivien feels about it but for me, c'est la vie, it often goes astray!
Here's a thought: how would it be if instead of setting up a surprise for only the next one in line we simply photograph our own Moley entry and explain to the enthralled audience what it's all about?

vivien said...

exactly c'est la vie - no problem :>D

I have the organisational skills of a gnat so it's exactly the sort of thing I'd do!

like I find out we are being inspected tomorrow and is my paperwork up to date? .... guess who has hours of work to do now .....