Saturday, 7 June 2008

Weekend admin

joys... :)

Guys - I've played a bit with the template: widened it, made the comments pop up rather than take over the whole page; and most importantly: added Image links to a label search on our Moleys. For this I have tidied up the labels - have a look; they basically now follow Casey's suggestion from before, e.g. 'Brian's Moley: Stretch'.
So, please: for the links to work: whenever you post someone's else moley, do apply the relevant label (and don't make up a new one ;))
So far, Brian, Casey and Steph are still missing - the first two because there aren't images yet; and with Steph's I was a bit hesitant to use Casey's partner's photo. Casey: do you maybe just want to send me another photo, post one that I could then use, or alternatively make the widget yourself? It's the same process that you've used on your own blogs. Similarly, if you want to replace the image to your moley, feel free to do so - it's rather straightforward.

Hope this is all ok, let me know if not.
Have a good weekend!


Casey Klahn said...

I started the label for Steph., but decided to post the words until I get her approval of my re-formatted picture.

I sent Steph. a Jpeg of my suggestion for her label picture. If she approves, I'll be able to post - otherwise I can change it again!

Everything looks great, Gesa. Thanks!

Lor Lor said...

Gesa, you've done a sterling job. This blog is just great.

Lindsay said...

Lovely job Gesa. You make us look good!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Looks marvelous to me Geeeesa!