Tuesday, 27 May 2008

All dressed up and waiting to go!

Hi Everyone...

I've made a cover for my moleskine with the theme and some ideas on it, and like Linday I'm not worried if it gets messed up as it travels around to you all.

I've also made a pencil sling; I make one for each moleskine I use, it means you always have a pen or pencil with your book. I plan to make one for each book I receive but if any of you want one I'll gladly make you one or send you instructions to make your own, they're dead easy!

My moleskine is all dressed up and will be in the post to David on Friday.




Gesa said...

Oh, I like it: the sling is such a good idea. I'd love to have one, and am looking forward to getting the moley back with it as addition.
I actually ended up sending it recorded delivery: it seems to be getting terribly precious already. And while I remember the 'kill the precious thing', and in a painting agree with it, I sincerely hope that none of the moleys get lost on their ways...

Casey Klahn said...

There it is:
Kill the Precious Picture,
But Do Not Lose the Moley.
Quoting Gesa Helms.

Good cover, Lor Lor.

Lindsay said...

Lor lor, what a fun cover and the sling is a wonderful idea. I usually hang a lead holder on one edge. This is much more elegant!

Yellow said...

Great idea Lor Lor, and I hope they all stay safe as they fly aroound the planet.

vivien said...

that's a really great idea

Gesa's book arrived safely and it was so much fun unwrapping it and seeing her work in person - and such an interesting challenge to respond to as well.

steampunk said...

Is there any chance you'd be willing to send the instructions for the pencil sling to me? I'd love to adapt this to some of my own book / notebooks / journals.