Monday, 19 May 2008

The posting order....

World map in Mercator projection by van Keulen, about 1720
Okay, Steph here again. Now, we have a bunch of UK based people and a bunch of USA people. So I'll be the one to post out from the UK to the West Coast of America, then the books will work their way east across the US, then over the Atlantic to the UK where they'll do their rounds there. This will cut down on postage costs so we're not sending across the water and back again over and over. It also cuts down on air miles, as I'm quite a Greeny, and reduce the chance of books getting lost in international post.

So, here it is. Are you ready? Deep breath now.......

Brian in New York to Lorraine in County Antrim

Lorraine to David in East Kilbride, Scotland

David to Gesa in Glasgow, Scotland

Gesa to Vivien in Leicester, UK

Vivien to Stephanie in Sunderland, UK

Stephanie to Casey in Washington State, USA

Casey to Lindsay in Illinois, USA

Lindsay to Brian, New York, USA

Yup, that's all eight of us. I won't post everyone's addresses on the blog, instead I'll send a group email to everyone, confirming the list and the last few rules. Ahem, I mean suggestions.

So come on, who wants to work to a theme and who doesn't? I've already started drawing in my precious Moley, I must admit.


Gesa said...

Excellent... and what a pretty map you've found, says the geographer.
I've got a theme, will write something about it later on....

Casey Klahn said...

I may have a theme, too.

What a stellar group of artists we have here. The Irrascables would impressed.

The order looks fine, and thanks for working that out, Steph.

Lor Lor said...

Many thanks to Steph for organising us.
We are all so different in our styles, media and subjects, these sketch books are in for some fun! But then so are we...
I have a theme too, but its very wide and open to lots of different interpretations.

Yellow said...

Are you going to keep me in suspense, or are you all going to blog about your themes? Please? Pretty please? Casey, ooh, which one of the Irascibles would I be I wonder?
Oh, and can you all stop thanking me. Though both gifts and cash are welcome.

vivien said...

I was away for the weekend and then working long hours so will join in with this blog when I get chance to draw breath! it's a lovely idea :>)

My moley arrived yesterday :>)

Great organising Steph :>)

I think I'd like people to do something about their local landscape or surroundings - but it's not compulsory - if people aren't happy with that it's ok- just do what you like

and yes the concertina books do have a mind of their own! I did a hand made one 18cm square and it was a little hyperactive! A bulldog clip and a larger sketchbook to hold it to helped.

Lindsay said...

Great job organizing. Steph did I miss and email with addresses? I'm working of several projects right now but plan to think about my theme and get cracking. My book arrived safe and sound.
Will post soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi all! Thanks, Steph for organizing everything. I should be getting my sketchbook within a couple of days and will get down to work on it so I can send it off to Lorraine.

Still working on ideas for a theme but will let you know. I'm always trying to nudge myself beyond my current comfort zone (but rarely push too far), so I was thinking about focusing on "stretching" - using the sketchbook as an opportunity to push and experiment on something new. Or as a place for doing unexpected work - unexpected because it is not typical of what I might normally do. Still mulling it over but will let you know.


Yellow said...

Brian, I like it. The idea of doing something new and not comfortable. Yeah. Lindsay, don't worry, I haven't sent the email with addresses yet. That's a job for this evening (all things being equal).
Vivien, I love your idea of drawing 'local' things too, and I can't wait to hear what everyone else comes up with.

Lindsay said...

Brian, those are my thoughts exctly. I want to try some really new things. There are so many pages that if I mess one up, I'm sure you all won't mind if I take another.
Vivien, you will have a really lovely place book when it comes back to you.