Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I've made it here!

The blog is great :>)

it's a really lovely way of keeping everything together and sharing

I'm not used to working as small as this tiny moley so it's going to be a challenge! I have a love affair with huge sketchbooks - one of my favourites is an A3 landscape format that's about 3 foot across when opened!

I think I'd like a local landscape theme for my book but don't feel you have to stick to it if you aren't comfortable with that - just do what you like :>)

I was attempting to do my maths and there are about 32 pages including the inside cover at the back - so I make it that we cover 4 pages each? - then the book comes back to the originator at the very end?

This is scary - another exchange I'm involved in we are making our concertina books - so the drawing can be done before we add the pages. On this one we're committed!



Yellow said...

Vivian, yeah you get the book back at the end, and yup, you can fill in one or more pages. I don't know about you but I don't want to make people comit to 4 pages each time, so how about 'a few' and keep it going round until it's finished. That way you'll probably get to draw in your own book again towards the end before it's done.

Gesa said...

Hi Vivien - like the theme a lot; I'm excited what people are coming up with.
This is an interesting point on whether your draw first and then bookmake or not - hadn't thought of it, but yes: i had felt the apprehension of messing other people's books up :)