Thursday, 29 May 2008

Help ma Boab!'s awfu', awfu' wee!
Have I got the correct sketchbook - 9x14cm?

I'm posting to let you know I'm not sitting here doing nothing, by the way.
I ordered my moleskine sketchbook last Wednesday and opted for "Standard Post" which although not guaranteed did say I should recieve it between 3 and 5 days. Eight days later my internet supplier says it was despatched and is with Royal Mail. Since it didn't show this morning I went into Glasgow and bought one from a bookshop, and it's tiny! So much for the grand ideas of expansive savannah's and stampeding wildebeast, I'd be lucky to do a drawing of one of their back left hooves! My other grand idea may equally be a non starter - the theme I really wanted to do was 'The Dance' as an expression of life and movement linked to music. Yesterday I was whiling away some time making these preparatory sketches in an A4 pad trying to scope out one aspect (formal, but exquisite ballet) but now I have a major re-think on how this can translate to miniaturisation:

Now I can hear those of you who may be uncomfortable with drawing figures groan "Help ma Boab, I hope he changes his mind!" Have no fear you either take up the challenge and do what you do, or you just ignore it and do your own thing (hopefully with reference to some form of dancing). Or you treat it more abstractly and move sideways to explore the music as Paul Klee did.
Whatever, I need to decided quickly or I'll be at the coo's tail as usual!


Casey Klahn said...

I dig the freedom in your dance drawings, David.

Even though I've had the Moley for a week, I am caught up in a certain muse. And with a big studio clean out today, I may be ready to have a go at the little freedom book.

One of us will be last to send, but as I haven't gotten my first inbound one, yet, I'm feeling no stress.

Brian McGurgan said...
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Brian McGurgan said...

I had the same reaction when I saw the sketchbook, too, David - "yikes, there's no room to draw in it!" Vivien managed nicely by drawing across four pages (now why didn't I think about doing that?) and she's set the bar awfully high for the rest of us. I like the dance theme very much. Degas is the greatest of the giants to me, whether he was doing ballet dancers, bathing women, racehorses, or landscapes. I'll have a go at dancers for your sketchbook with him in mind.

Lindsay said...

I agree that Vivien has used the tiny book format to best advantage. You forget you are looking at such a small book! Go for it with the dancers!

Yellow said...

Oooh, dancers. There's a challenge. Casey, you're totally right, someone will be the last to post their Moley, and my original idea was once a month, so there really is no pressure. Apart from on Vivien, who absolutely must send her Moleys to me immediately each time or I will wreak my bitter revenge on her, and her family, and her milk man and the person she sat next to in the cinema last week, and............

Gesa said...

Dancing, music... that is very good. Yes, Degas... Hm, Pollock House, Burrell Collection. Good. Most my figures tend to be small (so that they can hide better), so this may work well. But with the small size, I still think that because of the continuous format there's a lot of scope for doing something big.
As for speed: it only works in conjunction with slowness, doesn't it? So, in my mind they are pretty much the same, and I suspect that I will be sitting on some of the moleys for quite some time, myself.

Lor Lor said...

Ooooh Dance
This really will be a challenge for me as I'm not too hot on drawing figures. But hey ho what's life if it doesn't throw up the odd challenge or two.
I agree the moly's are small, but I cut a piece of foam board 16cm x 38cm, its big enough to accommodate the moly opened out to show four pages, with a few bulldog clips to hold it in place it was easier to work with.

vivien said...

they are indeed awfu wee!

I like these

figures - eeek! well it's good to be outside the comfort zone :>)

Stephanie I'm hoping to send Gesa's book on to you quite soon so I shan't fear the wreaking of bitter revenges! :>D I couldn't wait to respond to her work - such an interesting challenge and thoughts - don't think I've done it justice though so far.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to all your positive comments - I've been a bit poorly. Every time I go abroad on holiday I come back with something more than just sand in my shoes: the dreaded Spanish Lurgi! I should just stay at hame.

Thanks Casey for the jive-talkin'.

Brian and Gesa: As Gesa refers to we are fortunate here in Glasgow to have some wonderful Degas pastels in the Burrell Collection. They are a constant source of wonder and pleasure and often when I am feeling a bit jittery I go and calm myself with his fantastic drawings (and copy them). And Gesa you are right there is no point rushing something if you aren't happy with it.
Lindsay: Would you like to take the floor with me for a Slow Foxtrot? I promise not to stand on your tootsies!
Steph: The challenge for me will be to cram all I want to say into a mini-moley!
Lorraine: It will be good if you have a go at figures but please don't worry about it, they don't need to be perfect. I use my sketchbooks not for finished works but for developing an idea and composition. This book of mine will be no different.
The same goes for you too Vivien, but if you really are too uncomfortable drawing figures you could simply make reference to a dance. In fact when I saw your wildflower field waving in the wind I thought of Tchaikovsky's 'Waltz of the Flowers' from The Nutcracker.
And were you wagging me just there with your "awfu wee"?