Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Genesis teaser....

Here's a glimpse of my Moley from a few days ago. I've worked over this since so it won't be as Casey sees it when it arrives, but I couldn't resist posting this. It'll be parcelled up this afternoon and posted to America.

And I've written the order of the exchange in the inside cover to keep track of where it's going, and I also made some notes on the back of my painting about what I had in mind at the time. Please feel free Casey, or anyone else, to draw over and amend my painting as they feel fit.
It was a lot of fun to do and it's given me ideas for more art projects in the future. Now I need to ponder local landscapes for when Vivien's Moley arrives. I'll wait to see what she's done already before I get too set in my mind about it though.
This is sooooo much fun.


Lindsay said...

I like seeing your supplies in the mole photo! Looking forward to seeing this IRL!

Casey Klahn said...

So this is a progressive painting, Steph? I have license to continue on or around your artwork?

I was hoping someone would do this fun method.

Gesa said...

That's an intriguing photo indeed, and as with Casey: developing the bits already there further sounds very good... but I guess it'll be a long time til I'll get yours, hm?

Yellow said...

Yes Casey, in fact I'd be delighted if anyone were to work on top of what I'd done. It went in the post yesterday (as I'm now posting in the middle of the night due to an artistic crisis I'm having on my own blog.
Lindsay, I love seeing other people's art paraphernalia too, which is why I wanted to show my own, some of which were birthday gifts from my hubby last week.
Gesa, it's going to be months before I you get anything I've worked on, but I'll be getting yours after Vivian's. In fact, I'm going to add the exchange list in a prominent place on the blog for us to keep track of the order.