Sunday, 18 May 2008

Hello everyone

Hi everyone. I thought I'd share a bit of my Moleskine with you. It's a bit of a deceiving post, admittedly: my sketches are generally pretty void of people, can you tell?

In the park today
People in the park, pencil in Moleskine, 21x21cm approx

I mainly use Moleskine for my sketches - usually the large sketchbook, but I also have a small one which I carry around with me and with the best intentions.

I'm very much looking forward to the project - and I have excitedly unwrapped my concertine book already and been thinking ever since of a theme.

Thank you Steph for organising and to everone else for contributing! I'm sure it'll be great fun.


Casey Klahn said...

I get the idea of play in the park immediately. Good show, Gesa. I especially like the swath of background green. What a great idea for the sketchbook!

My blog link from TheColorist (process blog) will be on Monday when the readership is up. Is anyone savvy on the broader world of Moleskine links?

I'm not too interested in making our collaboration a link haven, but it would be fine to have a context for these little sketchbooks, eh?

Gesa said...

The swath of green was an impulsive early attempt at customising, I since stopped doing that: too often it does annoy me more than add sth ;)
There are a couple of Flickr links I know of - the big ones like Moleskinerie; also linking to other moley exchanges will be nice....
From Lindsay, there should be a couple of interesting posts/links to artist books - that's what we'll be doing after all, if not making the books ourselves.