Saturday, 31 May 2008

Label Idea

6.5" x 4"
Original Pastel
Casey Klahn

his may be a bit like herding cats, but I'm going to try something.

Okay, you cats, let's think about our tags on posts. I suggest we tag each post with the originator's name and the theme of their Moley. Vivien just finished working in Gesa's book, which has the theme of Lines & Lineage. I had to go back to Brian's post of 22 May to get that theme.

How about writing a Tag like this: Gesa's Lines and Lineage Moley? Mine would be: Casey's Freedom Moley. Then, I'll go into the settings and open a label function so we can quick reference them. Of course, the poster's name is embedded already. It has just been too long since I played Bridge, and my brain won't sort these things anymore!

Just by way of keeping you up, I have been deep cleaning the trailer/studio for the past three days. Yesterday, I enlisted Lorie when I got to the framing room, which is her baby. Ug! I reckon there's still a couple more days of this before we can get started on the season's framing projects.

Don't worry, though. The good news is my big desk is now free to draw small things on, including the little Freedom Moley. And it is sitting there, begging me to mark in it. But, today the family and I will go to Spokane to visit the ArtFest, which I am playing hooky from. See my report about the fair and my recalcitrance at either the Endless Summer Art Fair, or at The Colorist in the next few days.

Love to everyone.


Lindsay said...

Casey said: "The good news is my big desk is now free to draw small things on, including the little Freedom Moley. And it is sitting there, begging me to mark in it. "

I'm begging too! I'm haveing to be sooooooo patient Casey! Don't you send to me first????

Cats indeed! At least you did not say you wanted to herd us "sheep"!I think that labeling idea is a very good one. But I just read that aging brains need challanges. It would be much cheaper than buying one of those computer programs. Actually, I don't need one anyway because my brain tells me I'm 25. (The old back says otherwise today:-).

Yellow said...

Steph on Casey's Label Idea .....I'm only teasing, I think that's an excellent idea about labelling our posts in a more intelligent way. I was a few days into reading the posts, trying to figure out who was 'speaking' each time, until I noticed the author's name in italics at the bottom of each one. Duhh! I'm turning senile at 36, and already have lots and lots of grey hairs.

Yellow said...

Linsday, you 'nana. Casey's moley is the Freedome one, so he will be working in it first, as I don't think he's gotton my Genesis one yet. Can we all give Lindsay a group hug please, who's obviously had a long hard day.

Brian McGurgan said...

Whoops, I just added a post and had meant to label it with my theme but forgot. Or, since I posted Lindsay's work should I have labeled it with her theme? Meow, meow!

Lindsay said...

still waiting for the group hug...

Lindsay said...

Don't I get Casey's mole first???I just checked the rotation list. Says "Casey to Lindsay"???

Casey Klahn said...

Yes, I have mine coming to you, Lindsay.'s my group hug.

I had the rare opportunity to be at the art fair today as a visitor. I got to visit many more artist friends from the fair circuit than I expected. How heart warming it is to be recognized by artist whom you haven't met, and how great to visit with cronies.

We certainly live isolated lives as artists in some ways, eh?