Thursday, 22 May 2008


I think it was Brian or Casey who used the term "kill the precious thing" so I thought I would make this post to put a mark on the page so to speak. The longer it goes on I feel more intimidated by the blog without me making a posting and introducing myself.
So this is me, above, enjoying the delights of a Spanish tapas bar last week. (I promise not to post any more mugshots so you can all relax now!)
As I am still in holiday mood having not quite landed yet and trying like mad to extend my vacation by blogging about it, it's only today that I've really got down to reading what others are saying about the exchange and your thoughts on themes for your moleskines.
It's fascinating!
I like Gesa's thoughts on lines and lineage. As an erstwhile architect I spent all of my working life creating lines which had to be exact. Today I try to be a bit more relaxed and allow the lines to wander a bit! And I am also very interested in ancestors and antecedents.
Lorraine's Closeness strikes a chord with me especially in relationships: there is more to bind us together than keep us apart as someone more profound than me once said.
I love landscape and the sea and spend a lot of my time out there getting to know it better. So Vivien's theme of local landscape fits nicely with my own enjoyment of the outdoors.
Stephanie's Genesis is such a powerful theme, initially overwhelming, but when you think about it fundamental and very simple. I hope I can do it justice!
And Casey's 'Freedom': A terrific subject but also with a dark side - the lack of freedom that all to often prevails. It will depend on what sort of mood I'm in to decide which will be expressed. And that might depend on how my football team is doing at the time!
As for my theme? I don't know yet although I am attracted to the idea of simply responding to the artwork of the previous artist. I'll no doubt change my mind and come up with a theme when my new moleskine book arrives which hopefully will be very soon.
Right, I've blethered enough for now, and my task is done - the page is well and truly marked and I'm rarin' to go. Only thing left to say is thanks to Stephanie for initiating this exchange and bringing us all together. You have done a great job!
Hasta la vista


Brian McGurgan said...

Great post, David, and welcome back from vacation! I enjoyed the drawings you posted on your blog from your trip (next time I'll comment while there). I agree with your assessment - each one of these themes offers a tremendous amount to work with. It will be exciting to see how everyone responds to the themes as the sketchbooks make the rounds and get filled. I think I'm settling on the theme of "stretching" - pushing beyond areas of comfort to try new things and take risks. I could use a little of this in all aspects of life, I'm sure, and not just with my art!

Credit where it's due: "kill the precious thing" is from a post on Casey's blog at I take it as a direct challenge to myself with all of my precious pastels ordered neatly by color and value in the foam-lined boxes they came in with paper wrappers left on (wherever possible). Being as fragile and messy as they are, pastels sort of pull you out of the "precious" mindset on their own accord but I'm still pretty uptight with keeping everything as orderly as possible - with pastels and with life in general - so loosening up and lightening up just a little is fine advice for me.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Thanks Brian. "Stretching" and pushing boundaries sounds like a good theme. Everytime I do a painting I am trying to push my boundaries, always searching for how I feel about a subject rather than simply rendering what I see. I don't always achieve it and I've a long way to go but at least I think I know the direction!
You and me and MEI will push the boundaries together!

Lindsay said...

Hi David, and I'm pleased to meet you. I love your deer slayer drawing on your profile. Good luck with extending that vacation feeling. The post vacation let down is such a drag.
I can't wait for the first round to start. I finished my cover and theme last night and now I have to fill up those first pages.
I'll do my first post soon.

Casey Klahn said...

Looks like Brian may have a knack for rounding up the group (reviewing what we're doing). Great to see a picture of you, too.

I see Lindsay has made a book cover, and I want to know how.

Anyone have an idea for how to clearly write on the black, cardboard cover? I want to emblazon the theme there, but want it to be indelible and look nice - not shabby. I have a white paint pen, but I think that would fit the shabby look.

Yellow said...

I've painted onto photo album covers using oil-based paints thinned with white spirit & that's stayed on through being shoved in and out of bookcases okay. It was a sign writing oil-based paint. If you thinned artists oil paint would that be dry within time to post it to the next person?