Saturday, 17 May 2008

In the beginning....

Hello to Gesa, Casey, Lorraine, Lindsay, Brian and Vivien.
I've sent each of you an invitation to post on this blog, but none of you are under any obligation to post, only to take part in the exchange of books itself. By starting this blog (as suggested by Gesa; thanks) I thought it would encourage you all to feel this is your exchange, not my baby.

Before I continue I want to explain that the idea of a Moleskine exchange wasn't my idea, but that of Marty Harris, Minnesota, USA. He set up the first moly_x_project as far as I know and there's a whole host of people on flickr who have since set up exchanges. However, I was nervous of jumping in with people on flickr who I'd had no previous connection with, so I thought I'd set up a splinter exchange, as it were.
I know Gesa, Casey and Vivien from comments we've exchanged over a year or so on each others blogs. Lindsay and Lorraine I met more recently, again through their blogs, and Brian was suggested for the group by Casey.

So, I'm going to wait til Monday to see if I hear back from the other two people who I've invited (Ed and David), and then I'll post the order of the exchange : who mails the books to who. If they join late I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze them in. I'll also mail a few more outline instructions to get us up an running.
I'm so happy that everyone's fedback so far has been so enthusiastic. This is going to be great fun, I'm sure. Thanks again for joining.
Steph aka Yellow


Lindsay said...

Great Idea! And a wonderful first post to our "baby" Having a communal blog seems to be a cozy way to share.

I've ordered my book and can't wait till it arrives.

laura said...

Neat idea. I look forward to seeing future posts; and maybe initiating an exchange myself.

Lor Lor said...

Wooo Hoooo!!!
This is great, it will be so lovely to share our work here and get to know one another.
I haven't unwrapped my book yet I want to savour the moment.

Gesa said...

Excellent - thanks for organising this, Steph - I had meant to email but week was over too fast... But I'm here now :)