Friday, 23 May 2008

Lindsay Here Saying Hello

Hi Everyone and I'm glad to be making my first post. Here is the cover for my moleskin and my theme is right on the cover: Maps and Destinations. Casey, I glued on the keys with modeling paste. In my experience that stuff sticks forever and ever. The paper is put on with yes paste, but I might just stick it on with modeling paste too. I really don't much care how battered the thing gets in travel. It will just look like a nicely aged person....real!

I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful journals in the mail soon!


Casey Klahn said...

No Botox for that book!

I think I may use the black paper I seal my frame backs with, and Yes glue. You've given me the idea!

Thanks, Lindsay. Yours looks cool.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Can you follow the signs?
Can you read a map?
From latitude to longitude
I'll give you the keys
To my car?
To my heart?

Would you like to lead, Lindsay, and we'll follow?

Gesa said...

oh this whole thing's going to be a geographer's delight, i'm telling you.
i toyed with doing something to the outside of mine, but then went for the 'black's the new black'... :)

Lindsay said...

THis is getting to be TOO much fun.
Casey, perhaps a bit of nip and tuck...but your right, she's not a botox girl.

David, I'm actually SO directionally challanged it take me hours to arrive at a new desitnation. But if you want to follow, I'll be happy to lead...just expect to end up in the middle of no where occasionally.
Gesa, I can only wonder what greographer's wonders I'll be lucky to have in mine!!

Casey Klahn said...

I am a geography nut, too, Gesa.

What is your favorite geography website, besides Google maps?

Gesa said...

Casey: my fave geog site at the moment is this one (not entirely serious, as it's not about maps, but about self-promotion) ...